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Light Industrial

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Construction, automotive, electronics, fast-moving consumer goods. We understand and anticipate the complexities of light industrial projects.

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Minimal downtime

One thing our light industrial clients worry about is downtime associated with a fit out or refurbishment. This is no news to us. Every step in designing, planning and executing your project is carried out with absolute efficiency. Years of experience working with supply chains help us to keep your operations running smoothly.

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One central point of responsibility

Our systems for handling light industrial projects are complex, but that doesn’t mean we bog you down with the details. We undertake every element of your project from start to finish under a single contract, incorporating the construction of new internal structures, extensions, and utility services, with health and safety always at the top of our agenda.

Our industry experience

Our portfolio of services means we’re capable of supporting every aspect of your project, so you can get on with what you do best.



We offer both out-of-the-box or bespoke light industrial spaces for businesses in land, water, and air transportation, as well as warehousing, postal and courier clients.



For clients in food production, apparel, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, machinery, and transportation, we can help you make the most of your space to maximise performance.



From warehousing to distribution and eCommerce businesses, we adapt to your business operations to produce a highly efficient workspace.

Related services


Light Industrial Design

Design and planning that produces a human-centric working environment. We consider workflow and circulation, accessibility, health and safety, and many other aspects of producing a workspace design conducive to your business operations.


Design & Build

Specialist build requirements of light industrial projects often mean you’ll be juggling all sorts of different contractors. We take the stress out of the process by coordinating technical solutions from quantity surveying to mechanical installations.



Expand your space, rethink it, and adapt it for your unique operations. Construction is all about starting with the right foundations. We bring together construction projects with ease, helping you truly optimise your light industrial facility.



We help our clients prepare for the future with cutting-edge technology integration. Work with us to discover how to use technology to optimise your use of space.

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