Workplace Consultancy

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Optimise your place of work with our workplace consultancy service. We will immerse ourselves in your organisation to understand your culture, needs and goals.

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The future workplace

The purpose of the workplace has evolved significantly, with higher-than-ever employee expectations. People now desire the freedom to choose where and how they work to optimise their performance. The modern workplace must be designed to facilitate collaboration, foster innovation, support learning and development, encourage socialising, and enable focused work.

At Area, we have a holistic approach to workplace consultancy. We view workplace experience as the intersection of people, space and technology, and are committed to delivering human-centric solutions.

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Data-driven direction

We understand that every workplace and organisation is unique, that’s why we tailor our process to your specific needs, your team, and your goals. Throughout the workplace consultancy process, we engage with all levels and departments of your business to gather data and insights. Our experts then distil this information into evidence-based recommendations that focus on your workplace experience, addressing wellbeing requirements, and meeting future technology needs.

From the initial discovery phase to the transition into your new and improved space, our consultants are on hand to provide detailed change management support, ensuring a seamless experience.

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Support through workplace consultancy

Our team of workplace consultants is dedicated to guiding you through various aspects of modern work environments. We will help you to understand emerging workplace trends, define your future space needs, and shape a vision for the future of work.

Our expertise extends to facilitating the transition to innovative work methodologies and enhancing employee experience, engagement, and wellbeing. We specialise in designing destination spaces that are not only sustainable and tech-enabled but also foster diversity. We closely monitor space utilisation to ensure a maximised return on investment.

Our Team provides:

Tell us your ideas, plans, or business goals, and we’ll work our magic to ensure you get the most out of this essential exploratory stage.



Data gathering phase to uncover your existing landscape. From space, processes, culture, and technology to location, policies and employee sentiment we collect data regarding your current ways of working



An exploration phase including visioning workshops, scenario modelling and inspirational visits. Through this phase, we look to the future of your world of work



Taking a cultural deep dive into your organisation we uncover the hidden secrets in this phase of what makes your business tick and how this may evolve in the future



Bringing all the phases together we provide you with your future workplace strategy and everything you need to support your colleagues while working


Change Management

Transitioning to a new world of work can be a challenge. By engaging with your teams we can build excitement and create a sense of community and belonging.

Workplace Consultancy FAQs

How can we encourage our employees to return to the office?

In today’s hybrid world of work, employees have a choice of where and when they work.

Businesses must understand what employees require in terms of wellbeing and what they need in order to reach their potential. We work with business leaders to identify the positive and negative aspects of in-office working perceived by their team, the future purpose of the office and find solutions to adapt their office space consciously.

How can workplace consultancy help us?

Workplace consultancy is about optimising your workspace. This is unique in every organisation and depends on your goals for the future from increasing productivity to creating a memorable impression of your brand.

Through leadership visioning, data gathering and engagement workshops we produce a 360-degree strategy report that will inform the design, planning and execution to ensure your space can anticipate and adapt to change.

What are the benefits of workplace consultancy?

Improving your workspace can help your team reach their full potential, harness creativity, innovation and productivity, increase ROI and boost your brand’s reputation.

By forming an evidence-based design we can accurately predict your workplace requirements and reduce the risk of making the wrong decision in the future. Your future workplace will reflect your culture, have technology that supports your staff in their tasks and allow people to thrive through new ways of working.

Going even further, improving the design of your space can help you make the right environmentally-conscious decisions. Our sustainability specialists can support you to put these positive changes in place for the long term.

How does workplace strategy support company culture?

Engaging with people during the transformation process helps build excitement and create buy-in from all levels of your organisation. This will cover how people work, collaborate, learn, socialise and need support while working either remotely or in the office.

Data-led analysis will ensure the essence of your company culture and values is embedded from the start.

How can we increase employee satisfaction through workplace consultancy and strategy?

It can be difficult for many businesses to understand how to deliver what their workforce needs and want.

Through workplace consultancy, business leaders can discover and learn many innovative ways to meet their team’s expectations while optimising productivity and wellbeing.

How do we optimise a property portfolio? What is the total space requirement?

Right-sizing your property portfolio can be a daunting process but with a holistic view, this can be made much more simpler. Using insights gained through a workplace consultancy process our team can assist you in the next steps, from looking at locations to postcode analysis to workplace requirements.

Which location should our new office be in and what type of building would be best for us?

When deciding where next a number of factors need to be considered. A look back at what works well and what doesn’t currently can help inform the search.

In addition where you are going as a company and what your future goals and vision are will impact your criteria. Knowing these plus your workplace requirements can help you narrow down a location and building. By using a building scorecard we can support you to make an informed decision.

What technology solutions should we be incorporating into our space?

Technology impacts employee satisfaction, productivity and retention therefore getting this right is paramount to a successful workplace. Auditing your current set-up, knowing your processes and vision, along with understanding appetite for innovation is critical to forming the right requirements. To remain productive and ahead of the market in any industry requires technology solutions to support people in their work from AI to AV solutions our technology experts are there to support you.

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