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Moves & Relocation

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Is a relocation looming over you? Don't worry about business downtime. Here's our turnkey solution.

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A seamless transition

We provide a turnkey solution for workplace relocation which supports you every step of the way. Our skilled team will make your transition ultra-smooth to minimise any disruption. We'll coordinate the transition, dismantling, packing, transporting, and reassembling of your items with complete professionalism. Rest assured, you are in safe hands.

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We’ve got it covered

Some relocation projects just can't be back-to-back. When reality gets in the way, we have the solution with temporary storage in our secure warehouse until your items can be safely installed in your new space. The dedicated team will carefully handle your equipment and furniture both ways.

Our team provides

Allow us to handle your company move. We’ll provide complete support at every step to help you continue with business operations smoothly and alleviate your worries.



A smooth and seamless relocation relies on watertight planning and scheduling. We're professionals in managing the logistics of moving entire businesses into new sites. We choreograph moving, IT decommissioning, secure storage, and waste disposal so your business operations can continue as normal.



We understand the importance of security during any move, and handling sensitive data is paramount to us. We handle IT decommissioning, server moves, and filing transfers with the utmost care using specialist industry equipment designed for purpose.


Secure Storage

Not all moves and relocations happen in one day — or even overnight. We securely store all your equipment and furniture in our temperature-controlled warehouse until your new workspace is ready to be furnished, giving you peace of mind and removing the stress of sourcing your own storage facilities.


Environmental Protection

As a sustainably-driven organisation, one of our goals is to reduce waste as much as possible. We can collect unwanted or redundant waste furniture or materials during your relocation and responsibly recycle them, keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum.

Frequently asked questions

How does Area ensure the safety of delicate equipment?

At Area, we keep a watchful eye over your relocation to ensure your equipment is handled with care and attentiveness. We do the following.

  • Use IT crates with monitor screen protectors to ensure delicate items are completely protected from any damage during the moving process.
  • Confidential material is loaded into filing crates secured with seals, each with a unique serial number which we separately keep a record of to deter any tampering.
  • All servers and network switches are moved in secure flight cases.
  • Items are secured down with robust straps and protective padded blankets in moving vehicles to avoid any damage.
  • If you have other valuable items, we can build customer moving encasements, such as wooden crates, if needed.

How can we ensure relocation doesn’t impact employee productivity?

Carrying out a relocation swiftly is the best way to minimise the negative impact on your staff. A good moving team like ours will be able to tightly plan the logistics of your relocation to make it as quick as possible. We’ll even work with you to find the quietest period in your business schedule.

Agile working capabilities mean many businesses can continue the upkeep of some or all operations remotely during a relocation, so this is something to consider too.

What do I need to consider when relocating offices?

An office relocation is a major undertaking. Many factors need to be considered to ensure it runs smoothly, here are the main things to think about:

  • Budget for both the relocation and the new site.
  • Communication with your team, partners, clients, and any other people you regularly communicate with (particularly companies like waste disposal, maintenance, and security). You may also need to alter delivery services.
  • Furniture and equipment: how will it be packed and moved?
  • IT equipment and any sensitive technology that will need to be disconnected and reconnected.
  • What will happen to waste and unwanted items?

Our moves and relocation team can manage all of these aspects for you.

Can Area help with international office relocations?

We’ve been working with clients across mainland Europe for years. Our Europe division is well-versed in adapting our relocation service to businesses outside the UK.

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