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Following a change in management and recent acquisitions, Inchcape – a leading automotive retail group – were compelled to transform their workplace, taking hold of this opportunity to reinvent their space, focusing on maximising productivity and strengthening company culture.

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Office Design, Construction


10,000 Sq ft


London, UK

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The brief

Spanning two floors within a mixed-use building, their existing workplace environment was tired, with poor ventilation and lighting systems and inadequate breakout and collaboration spaces. With long rows of bench desks limiting the connection between teams and no central hub for socialisation, the Inchcape team wanted a flexible space to support growth and an inspiring environment to attract and retain the best talent.

We worked closely with the project team to develop the initial concept following the impact of COVID-19. Following lockdown, the Inchcape team had adopted a more hybrid way of working for greater flexibility, productivity and wellbeing. Their scheme needed to incorporate additional space for teamwork and a ‘destination’ to empower employees, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

The solution

To introduce flexibility and modularity into the workplace, we designed an environment that can evolve with the team as they grow. We worked closely with the Inchcape HR and IT teams to deliver an attractive and welcoming space to support their new way of working. Workspaces are now light and spacious with home-like touches that have been instrumental in creating a dynamic environment, able to be easily transformed to meet the needs of their people.

A new breakout area will dually function as a space to support team socialisation and an inviting brand showcase space for visiting clientele. The meeting suite has been refreshed with new flooring and improved acoustics and enhanced with wireless video conferencing systems.

Area challenged us to think differently, delivering on a design that will positively impact not only our new way of working, but also our culture and employee motivation.

Andrew Park
HR Director, Inchcape

Project insight

The open plan design is emphasised through colour, imagery and texture to identify team working, focus and socialisation spaces. Modular furniture has been installed to support teamwork and ‘touchdown’ moments. Brand art and quirky decorative elements create a sense of energy, bringing the workplace to life.

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