Our ethos inspires us

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Every new workspace we create starts here. That’s why our ethos and company culture is so significant. To give our clients exceptional experiences, we begin by inspiring our people.

We are

We stand by
 our values


We are stronger together

We celebrate our differences. They make us all the more powerful as a team. We welcome the questions, the challenges, and even the occasional disagreements that come with being a team because these keep us sharp.


It's all about trust

We move with conviction in everything we do. Each relationship, partnership, project, and challenge is built on the honest belief that we can rely on each other.


Do the right thing

We aim to do the right thing for our team, our clients, our partners, and our planet. Guided by a strong moral compass to build a better future for all in the workplace, we stand by the belief that 'if it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't'!


Attitude is as important as aptitude

Not everything is reliant on skills and experience. A positive attitude often gets lost among the values businesses want to promote. At Area, it's one of our most powerful assets. Through the right mindset, we work together better and achieve greater potential.


Don't be an arse!

Being human-centric is important to us in many ways. As a team, we work smarter, not harder and always aim to be accountable for our actions. A little common sense goes a long way—we don't suffer fools!

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Great ideas come from great people

We believe job satisfaction is reflected in the quality of output from our workforce. Letting our team know how valued they are couldn’t be more important to us. We offer training and growth resources to encourage and enable our workforce to reach their potential. As experts in our field, we never forget to elevate the workspace experience of our own team. We give them a work environment conducive to mental wellbeing and productivity, drawing on our insights and the feedback of our professional workforce.

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Our impact defines us

We know that our impact isn’t just on our clients; it’s on our workforce, partners, stakeholders and shareholders, and our planet. As a B Corp certified company, we pledge to do what we can to protect future generations by taking considered steps for social and environmental change.

Our success comes from combining our years of industry experience with our ability to generate fresh ideas for every client

Gary Chandler
Chief Executive Officer