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Bringing every aspect of commercial design and build under one roof for a streamlined end-to-end service.

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Dedicated to quality at all stages

We've built a trusted reputation thanks to our unwavering dedication to quality in design and construction. In design and build projects, all stages, from initial conception to the post-construction defects period, come under the watchful eye of the Area team. Holding single-source responsibility and contractual risk for every aspect of the build means we oversee the critical elements of the project, from health and safety compliance to sustainability. Not to mention, as your single point of contact, we take the stress out of the whole project for you.

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Your design and build partner

It's through our broad team with diverse skills and talent that we excel at all-encompassing design and build projects. No matter how big or complex a project is, we're capable of handling the myriad stages, including fire and safety, latent conditions, laboratories, mechanical workshops, compliance, staging, server rooms and critical infrastructure. We treat smaller-scale projects with an equal level of attentiveness, too. Every design and build project we work on receives the same multi-faceted approach to bring it to a successful close.

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Elevated design and build projects

Our approach to commercial design and build creates limitless opportunities for elevating your workplace. We are dedicated to providing tailored solutions that embrace your distinct vision, which is why we collaborate closely with you every step of the way. As a design and build company, we recognise the significance of harmonising functionality and design and will create an environment that supports employee wellbeing, productivity, and accommodates various work style preferences.

Design and Build FAQs

What does a design and build company do?

A design and build company is your trusted partner in transforming spaces into remarkable environments. With an open-minded approach, we explore the vast possibilities of commercial design balanced with functionality, to align with your ambitions. Our experts listen to your business objectives, potential, and aspirations, translating them into tangible, actionable plans and both design then build your dream workspace. This includes architectural design planning, adhering to building and safety regulations, construction and project managing the process from start to finish.

What are the advantages of design and build procurement?

By choosing design and build procurement, you gain access to a single point of responsibility, streamlining communication and decision-making. This results in enhanced efficiency, as design and construction phases seamlessly merge under one team. Additionally, design and build procurement promotes collaboration and innovation, allowing for greater flexibility and adaptability throughout the project. With a holistic perspective, potential conflicts are mitigated early on, leading to both savings on costs and time.

What is the difference between design and build and traditional contract?

The difference between design and build and traditional contract lies in the approach and level of responsibility. With design and build, you have a single entity responsible for both the design and construction aspects of the project. This streamlined approach ensures better coordination, faster decision-making, and a seamless integration of design and construction expertise. In contrast, traditional contracts separate the design and construction phases, involving multiple entities and contracts. This can lead to potential challenges in communication, coordination, and accountability. Design and build offers a more collaborative and efficient process, with the design and construction team working together from the start, resulting in enhanced cost and time management, reduced risks, and a cohesive outcome.

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