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Foster self-guided discovery, collaborative learning, and help future generations make a difference with inspiring learning spaces.

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Progressive learning environments

We think creatively to discover fresh learning approaches and allow them to guide us in the creation of stimulating learning experiences. We combine consistently effective traditional methods with new and innovative ideas to create human-centric spaces.

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We work around your schedule

Having worked with the Government Directive for Educational Design, we create design solutions that are results and insight-based. Our carefully planned logistics and coordination allow us to carry out work around your term time for minimal disruption.

Our industry experience

Creative, efficient, and safe. Our education sector clients know they’re in good hands when we take on their projects.



We create safe, robust spaces that nurture minds in the crucial developmental stage and allow both learners and educators to reach their potential.



Secondary school design for the entire curriculum, from sports grounds to laboratories. We’re perceptive to all the requirements of KS3 and KS4.


Higher Education

Colleges, universities, institutes, and vocational schools. We approach campus design laterally to provide solutions that support progressive ways of learning.


Training & Development

Our training and development clients are wide-ranging. We break the mould to find solutions that maximise the ways they work.

Related services

Consultancy & Design

Every school is different. We want to know what you need in order to achieve your potential. What do you want to accomplish with your education environment? Some of our clients already have a vision, and some just a few ideas. Our expert consultancy and design team will give your project weight and direction whatever you're working with.


We infuse our clients’ projects with cutting-edge technology to accelerate their education capabilities. Our expert team can advise you on making your school or university ultra-efficient with integrated technological solutions.


As well as fit out, refurbishment, and furnishing, we offer solutions for education environments from the ground up. Talk to us about construction if you’re working with a building shell, want to expand, or start something entirely new.


Protecting and repairing our planet has more value in our learning facilities than anywhere else. Give students a space built on the standards of sustainability. We can help you make informed decisions, like attaining Net Zero status, throughout your project.

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