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The science of pharmaceutical fit outs balances engineering with architecture to create humanistic environments.

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Functional and stimulating

With numerous technical functions, safety regulations, and quality standards to meet, designing a laboratory that is not only highly functional but stimulating requires a complex understanding of pharmaceutical fit out and design. Our designers work with life science and industrial clients to create spaces that balance functionality with elegance and efficiency with enjoyment.

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We simplify the process

We navigate the complex pharmaceutical design process and fit out, so you don’t have to. We take over the essential aspects like HSE regulations, ventilation, safety and workflow to keep your laboratory compliant. Throughout the technical process, we never lose sight of how to make a laboratory space pleasant and people-focused. The objective of any laboratory workspace is always to have its users at the centre.

Our industry experience

We’ve produced labs for some well-known life science and industrial brands, and we’ve tailored our process to bring you the most value.


Life Sciences

Biology and microbiology, chemistry, clinical, quality control, and education fields. Our laboratories for life sciences clients intertwine practical, intuitive, and progressive design.



We create high-functioning laboratory space for engineering, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, electronics, and research and development companies.

Pharmaceutical Fit Out FAQs

What is involved in a pharmaceutical fit out?

A pharmaceutical fit out entails designing and constructing specialised interior spaces for pharmaceutical facilities. This process includes creating controlled environments for manufacturing, research, storage, and most importantly adhering to stringent regulatory standards. It involves installing state-of-the-art equipment, ventilation systems, safety measures, and ergonomic workspaces, ensuring a seamless integration of functionality, compliance, and optimal utilisation of space.

Why choose Area for your pharmaceutical fit out?

Our team of experts collaborate closely with clients in the life science and industrial sectors, crafting environments that seamlessly harmonise practicality and productivity with sophistication. We recognise the intricate requirements of these industries and endeavour to create spaces that not only meet stringent functional demands but also exude an air of refinement. Our commitment lies in striking the perfect equilibrium between efficiency and aesthetics.

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