Hybrid Office Design

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Enhance your working environment to suit both remote and collaborative working with hybrid office design. Maximise your potential.

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The future of office design

We are here to bring your vision to life. In the initial stages, we will work closely with our clients to define exactly what they are looking for in an office space. More and more businesses are moving towards a hybrid working model and we are here to make this transition as smooth as possible. Designing and reconstructing your office space to suit both collaborative and remote working through technology integration, layout, furniture and careful planning.

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Optimise for flexibility

Hybrid office design incorporates and promotes, above all, flexibility - adapting your working environment to the needs of all employees and their working preferences. By creating an office space that is optimised towards a hybrid working model, you open up the opportunity for as much social connectivity as you desire. We focus on delivering a bespoke, seamless service, with a fast turn around, mitigating downtime, so that you can step back into your highly optimised, new working environment and get on with what you do best.

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Increased productivity and wellbeing with a hybrid office design

We value the needs of our clients and their needs to create an inclusive, positive working environment through workspace optimisation. Throughout the consultation, design and fit out stages, we adapt our strategy to your individual space, capabilities and requirements. You tell us your unique vision, and we will create a turnkey solution that ensures your employees wellbeing and productivity is prioritised.

Hybrid Office Design FAQs

What is a hybrid working model?

A hybrid working model combines both remote work and in-person office work. This gives employees more flexibility when it comes to different working styles/preferences, such as location, environment and other external factors which may require someone to work from home. A hybrid working model usually refers to employees either having the choice to work in office/at home or only required to come into the workplace part time.

What are the benefits of hybrid working?

There are many benefits of hybrid working; both for businesses and employees. Allowing the option for remote or in-office working, offers more support to employees, accommodates to different working preferences and helps promote a stronger work-life balance. This model allows for a more self-managed working approach, that places more trust in employees and offers a larger balance between work and personal life, leading to higher productivity and retention.

What factors should you consider for hybrid office design?

When it comes to hybrid office design, the main factors you should consider are:

  • Layout and structure - consider all working styles and preferences and design an office that accommodates for both remote, in-person, collaborative and quiet working.

  • Technology - if your business allows for both remote and office-work, understanding the technical capabilities your space will require is an important step in ensuring your workplace functions for all types of working, and permits connectivity between those online and those in person.

  • Comfort and functionality - making sure that your office space, for those that work in-person is a comfortable, and highly functional space, optimised for productivity will allow for your hybrid working model to act seamlessly, where employees can easily connect with others through an optimal designed space and quality amenities.

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