Office Furniture Design and Installation

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Our approach to office furniture design is evidence-based, holistic, unbiased, and founded on award-winning professional guidance.

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Blending function and style

Your office furnishing affects your team's health, wellbeing, enjoyment, and productivity, not to mention technology integration and brand alignment. To us, office furnishing is an extension of the office fit out, seamlessly blending construction work with furniture installations. This enables us to maximise the space and streamline the entire process.

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Unlike any other furniture partner

We're highly experienced in delivering projects of all sizes, from furnishing new spaces to acting as FF&E partners on large, high-profile projects. Thanks to our wide-ranging experience, our approach is truly client-centric. We manage everything from furniture selection to installation and, just as importantly, follow-up support to ensure everything works as it should.

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Furniture design and installation with your vision

We take immense pride in our commitment to providing exceptional office furniture design and installation services that are meticulously tailored to your unique vision. We partner closely with our clients allowing us to gain deep insights into the specific requirements and aspirations of your business. By doing so, we ensure that every facet of our services is aligned with your bespoke needs, putting employee wellbeing, comfort and convenience first.

Office Furniture Design and Installation FAQs

What are the benefits of office furniture design?

Office furniture design offers numerous benefits, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. Thoughtfully designed furniture improves workspace ergonomics, promoting employee comfort and productivity. It aligns with the company's identity, fostering a cohesive atmosphere. Well-designed furniture also maximises space utilisation, supports collaboration, and contributes to a positive work environment, ultimately boosting employee welfare and overall organisational efficiency.

Is office furnishings part of the office fit out process?

Our office furnishing service acts as an extension to your office fit out. After the design layout process and construction have taken place, office furnishings are often the next step in transforming your office space. Get in touch for a personalised quote regarding the integration of office fit outs with office furniture design and installation.

Why choose Area for your office furniture design and installation?

We are unique in our approach, tailoring our services around your distinct vision. Our mission is to build and foster an environment that has been highly thought out to enhance employee health, creativity, collaboration and productivity. Combined with strong, aesthetic design, we ensure our service encompasses all aspects comprehensively.