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Design without compromise, delivery without boarders. As workplace design specialists, our mission is to deliver exceptional workplaces across Europe while providing impeccable, tailored service to our clients.

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Local insights. Global scale

We’re proud of our UK heritage but embrace a European-wide perspective. Building on over 20 years of experience and a 'client for life' philosophy, our range of services is comprehensive, proven and adaptable to meet the requirements of any project.

Our dedicated European project division comprises a team of experts well-versed in navigating the intricacies of working across all the major European markets and cities. From Inverness to Istanbul, our highly experienced team collaborates closely with clients throughout the entire project life cycle.

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Delivering seamless solutions

Turning complexity into simplicity, our track record of client repeat business is a testament to the quality of our work and the efficiencies we bring to projects. With our dedicated client experience team (CX), we ensure that valuable learnings are never lost and improvements are always captured, making the lives of our clients much simpler.

We prioritise compliance with local codes and regulations, effectively managing our sites to meet the required standards. Even during the pandemic, we leveraged best practices from our live EU sites, incorporating them into our robust operating procedures. As a specialist Design and Build firm, we have a deep understanding of the entire project lifecycle. When we commit to a fixed price and program, you can rest assured that we will achieve every critical milestone with precision.

We’re grateful for our partnership with Area. They’ve done a remarkable job steering our construction and designing a facility bespoke to our unique business.

Jim LoCascio
Vice President, Global Business & Strategic Development, Xerimis

We work with the best

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Innovation, insight & creativity

Our ‘client for life’ philosophy was the guiding principle behind why we established and co-founded the Studio Alliance. This formal coalition of entrepreneurial companies has disrupted the market by harnessing decades of experience from the very best independent workplace specialist from 14 countries and counting.

This alliance is unique in the industry and enables Area’s dedicated European project team to successfully export our design and build procurement methodology across the major markets and cities in Mainland Europe.

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