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Commercial office design that combines productivity with personality. Discover the perfect office to reach your potential.

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We’ll take care of the details

What makes your team tick? What do they enjoy about working together? Your office space should have personality just like your team, right down to subtle details like lighting levels. When you work with us, you tap into a resource of commercial office design experts. We’ll take care of everything from the ground up, giving you office space with a quality finish in line with our ISO9001, IS045001, ISO14000 and ROSPA Gold accreditations.

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From international brands to independent startups

For over 20 years, we’ve been working with clients to maximise their real estate investment, through the creation of innovative workplace solutions. On our journey, we’ve been proud to work with large-scale roll-out projects across European and global property portfolios as well as independent projects across Europe. We know from experience that each business is unique, so we approach each commercial office design project dynamically to find innovative, bespoke solutions.

Our industry experience in commercial office design

We believe the Area experience should be as satisfactory as the final result. That’s why we treat the entire process with the same level of attentiveness as your finished office.


Information Technology

From motion-picture, sound recording and broadcasting studios to telecommunications, software, and data processing workspaces, we harness technology integration and intuitive design for our IT sector projects.



Financial services and insurance services spaces often need to be spacious and accommodating for large workforces, but we handle small-scale sites too.


Real Estate

In an industry where presentation is key, we help our real estate clients create spaces that promote their own talents and know-how.


Professional Services

Legal and accounting, architecture and engineering firms, advertising, and market research—we can turn our hands to a wide range of professional service workplaces.


Arts & Recreation

Our human-centric thinking patterns mean we offer creative, lateral commercial design solutions to the arts, entertainment, cultural, and sporting workspaces that others don’t.

Commercial office designs we’ve worked on

Commercial Office Design FAQs

What is included in a commercial office design?

In a commercial office design, a multitude of elements are considered to create a workspace that is both functional and visually appealing. This involves meticulous attention to detail, understanding what drives your team and how they collaborate. From lighting levels to furniture selection, to layout planning, every aspect is tailored to reflect the personality and unique requirements of your team.

What are the benefits of commercial office design?

Office design offers numerous benefits that go beyond aesthetics. By harnessing the potential of your space, through a collaborative approach, office design allows for the exploration of possibilities and the alignment of your vision with tangible outcomes. The seamless integration of space, technology, and people fosters flexibility, creating an environment that can adapt to your evolving needs. The benefits of this not only enhances the physical appearance of your office but also improves functionality, productivity, and employee wellbeing, leaving a lasting positive impact on your business.

Why choose Area for commercial office design?

With a focus on your vision and ambitions, we approach office design with an open mind, ready to explore the endless possibilities. Our team of experts takes your ideas and transforms them into actionable plans that challenge the boundaries and deliver reliable and future-proofed solutions. What sets us apart is our commitment to seamlessly integrate functionality with design whilst offering a cost-effective, fast turnaround, bespoke solution.

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Office Design

A creative-rich process in which we explore your vision for an office space to help you achieve your business goals. We offer our industry experience and knowledge of design trends. Our skilled design team then draws together a plan for how your new office space could look.


Office Fit Out

Depending on your space and your exact requirements, we tailor your office fit out — whether it's a Cat A, Cat A+ or Cat B project. Our office fit out team executes your project down to a T.


Office Refurbishment

Our office designers can see the vision underneath and transform your work environment. Seeing the vision underneath and transforming a space come as second nature to our office designers. When refurbishing an office, we look at every aspect, from plumbing to natural lighting, to produce a refurb solution that maximises ROI and minimises disruption.


Office Furniture

Our intelligence-based approach to office furniture comprises wellbeing, productivity, style, longevity, and technology integration. We source office furniture to integrate seamlessly with the design concept, both visually and functionally.

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