Office Technology Consultancy

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Creating symbiotic workspaces that unite the physical and digital with office technology consultancy. We help your team embrace the future.

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How our office technology consultants work

Workplace technology has become a key area of focus for companies that aim to provide a seamless experience. We offer in-house end-to-end office technology solutions tailored to your needs, covering everything from audio-visual technology to smart workplace management platforms. We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and provide them with the best technology innovation.

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We pick up where IT drops off

Our in-house office technology consultants play a vital role in advising and transforming the way businesses use technology. We offer a turnkey solution for your workplace technology. With our holistic approach, we bring specific expertise and bespoke technical solutions, covering everything that doesn’t fall under the traditional IT remit.

Our approach


We listen to your requirements, audit your current Technology solutions and develop your brief.
We believe that starting the conversation about technology as early as possible is key to a great outcome. We can help you to understand the art of the possible and ask the right questions to help your workplace get the technology it needs.

The sooner we start talking about tech, the better the outcome will be. Too often tech is left too late in a project, which can have a considerable impact on costs and programme.


We implement and optimise your design.
With expert knowledge of the current trends and marketplace, our technology solutions are always at the forefront of workplace innovation.

However, we do not treat technology as a standalone item. It plays a key part in the entire design process, from spatial planning onwards. We understand more than most that where technology is key to the success of a space, the space must be designed accordingly.


We bring your vision to life.
Technology is best when it is seamless, if not invisible. We understand that our clients do not want technology clutter in their workplaces, so we discretely integrate our technology into the build. The result is spaces that simply do what you need them to do, with technology playing its role in the background, rather than the foreground.

Our tech services

We like to cut through the jargon, and believe that we can simplify workplace technology into three main categories:


Whether you are in the same physical location, working remotely or a hybrid of both, technology is vital to support collaboration and workplace experience.


Technology is not limited to virtual meetings. We can use innovative solutions to elevate the experience of your people, clients and customers.


Technology can be used to understand how the workplace is used, what changes need to be made, and how to better utilise and maximise the existing space.

Office Technology Consultancy FAQs

How can we use office technology to maintain a positive hybrid working culture?

Technological solutions play a significant role in obtaining a positive hybrid working culture. Through the use of tech, we can ensure that all team members have equal and positive working experiences. This also means that optimum communication between co-workers can be achieved, helping to promote inclusivity in all work processes.

How can office technology consultancy support the workplace experience?

Integrating technology into the workplace can assist with a great many aspects of workplace productivity and satisfaction. Increased efficiency and cost-management (such as with automation of processes) and more collaborative working (thanks to digital capabilities that connect teammates in hybrid working) are just some examples.

How can tech solutions help us prepare for the future of work?

As the work environment becomes more agile, tech solutions meet the needs of more and more businesses by facilitating more efficient processes when working remotely or in hybrid working models. Once we’ve developed ideas and investigated your requirements, we’ll put together a robust strategy of implementation to take you to the next level seamlessly.

How do we ensure the useability of new tech for all employees?

The answer starts in the design of the workplace. Your workspace must be perceptively designed to give equal access to technology solutions to all employees who need it. We can help you determine the needs of your workforce and produce ideas for how to adapt and provide each employee with valuable tech resources.

Once your new workspace is ready, training is essential to ensure your team has the confidence and skills to adopt your tech solutions to ensure maximum impact.

Can we adopt tech solutions that also encourage a work-life balance?

In our ‘always on’ culture, it’s easy to slip into a work-life imbalance. We know how imperative it is to maintain employee wellbeing and how this impacts productivity and staff retention, so we must find ways to protect our workforces.

A good example of the positive use of tech is project management software. Project management and workflow automation software are excellent ways of introducing more autonomy and efficiency into your team, making it easier and faster to complete tasks. This not only reduces the need for overtime but can even make room for those team days and early finish times.