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Nestled in the glamourous and exclusive Mayfair area, BMW and MINI’s new flagship showroom sets the stage for a remarkable showcase of automotive excellence. This state-of-the-art facility seamlessly brings together the essence of luxury, performance and innovation by consolidating its three prestigious brands – BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad – into one flagship space at No. 70 Park Lane.

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8,000 sq ft


London, UK

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The brief

The project's primary objective was clear from the outset: to capture BMW and MINI's vision through a brand refresh and assist the Corporate Identity team in shaping their new direction. Collaborating with Stride Treglown, renowned architects known for their visionary ideas, we have breathed life into their concepts and unleashed the showroom's full potential.

This transformative effort has empowered BMW to surpass their ambitious goals and embody the essence of their 'ultimate driving machine' identity, elevating the dealership experience to a level of exclusivity that sets it apart from your average showroom. Together, we have crafted a design that not only embodies the distinct identities of BMW's brands but also eloquently showcases their shared vision for automotive excellence.

BMW and MINI’s immersive flagship showroom

The project embarked on an ambitious journey, beginning with the creation of a stunning new showroom for MINI. Upon entering the space, visitors are instantly immersed in a sense of voluminous sophistication. Panoramic 4K screens on the ground and basement levels showcase brand campaigns, host impressive vehicle demos, and extend a warm congratulations to satisfied customers. Drawing inspiration from MINI's iconic racing heritage, the showroom exudes a familiar yet fresh take on the brand's adventurous spirit, cleverly fused with modern sophistication.

Following the successful completion of the MINI showroom, the focus shifted to BMW, seamlessly integrating the distinct identities of both iconic brands. The ground floor offers an exhilarating experience as it seamlessly merges the realms of BMW and MINI. Here, visitors are treated to an array of high-end touches, including a stylish coffee bar, bespoke joinery, and an awe-inspiring full-height video wall. The centrepiece of this automotive marvel is the M-lounge, an alluring space that serves as the perfect backdrop for showcasing BMW's high-performance M Series vehicles. The resulting environment is immersed in luxury, akin to the experience one would expect on the prestigious Park Lane.

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Blending automotive excellence and architectural splendour

As visitors move through the space, they embark on a journey, discovering the distinct offerings of both BMW and MINI, all within an opulent and innovative ambiance. The interior design seamlessly harmonises automotive excellence with sleek architectural finishes, creating a captivating and unforgettable experience for anyone fortunate enough to step foot in this extraordinary showroom.

In essence, the project's transformative vision unites the spirit of both brands, elevating the showroom to an unparalleled level of luxury and innovation. The space not only celebrates the heritage and adventurous spirit of MINI and the high-performance prowess of BMW but also offers an exquisite and immersive environment, where automotive excellence and architectural artistry merge to create an unforgettable destination for automotive enthusiasts and casual visitors alike.

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