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Nestled within the dynamic Farnborough Business Park, Lenovo's latest UK workplace not only provides its employees and guests with state-of-the-art amenities but also the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views overlooking the bustling Farnborough Airport.

As their lease approached its expiration, Lenovo, a global technology leader, began exploring options for relocating their office. The global pandemic had prompted them to reevaluate their operational approach, recognising that their pre-COVID practices no longer met the evolving needs and preferences of their workforce.

Having previously partnered with us on the refurbishment of their former Basingstoke office, Lenovo was confident in our expertise to once again transform their new workspace in Farnborough into a vibrant and dynamic environment.

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Office Design, Furniture, Construction


19,800 sq ft


Farnborough, UK

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Embracing the unique architecture and locale

The striking design of this headquarters office building designed by Sir Norman Foster was a source of inspiration. The structure seamlessly blends into with the aviation-centric surroundings of Farnborough. This visual metaphor of flight and innovation of it and its surroundings became an underlying theme in our design, permeating various aspects of the office's aesthetic and functionality.

Split into two wings, the eastern and western sections, both of which Lenovo occupied, the building's inherent division presented us with a design challenge. Our primary concern centred around the possibility of employees naturally segregating themselves into their respective wings, potentially limiting cross-functional interaction and synergy.

To enhance cross-team collaboration and interaction, we strategically positioned a large tea point in one wing and a small refreshment point in the other. This deliberate arrangement encourages individuals to traverse between the two sides organically. Additionally, we located the print area on only one side, further stimulating movement between wings and facilitating chance encounters that fuel creativity and collaboration.

By embracing the unique architectural attributes of the building and leveraging the attraction of its aviation-centric location, we not only successfully addressed the potential division but also elevated the office's overall appeal. Lenovo's new Farnborough workplace now showcases an innovative layout that not only encourages connectivity but also reflects its local context, thereby enhances the overall employee experience.

Integrating Lenovo’s brand identity into the workspace

As a renowned brand, Lenovo's vision for their new Farnborough office prioritised the seamless integration of their brand identity. In the reception area, an eye-catching Lenovo illuminated LED logo welcomes employees and visitors, setting the tone for the brand's presence within the workspace.

To evoke Lenovo's brand without overwhelming the space, we meticulously curated a colour palette that harmonised with their current branding. We transitioned from deep greys to subtle shades of purple, infusing the environment with a softer, more inviting ambiance. Hues of pink, light blue, and grey were introduced to inspire a sense of warmth and dynamism. To maintain a strong connection to Lenovo's brand identity without dominating the aesthetic, we strategically incorporated touches of bold red, one of Lenovo's primary colours, throughout the space. These red accents punctuate the design, ensuring a distinctive connection to the brand without the need for an overpowering red presence, thereby preserving the overall calm and cohesive atmosphere of the workspace.

To demarcate seatings areas, we integrated pink and light blue felted panels crafted from PET compressed plastic. These panels possess acoustic-absorbing properties, fostering a tranquil and relaxed work environment. Leveraging Lenovo's unique alpha pattern as a design motif, these panels serve as dividers without imposing physical barriers, echoing the essence of Lenovo's brand. Consequently, they promote an open and collaborative atmosphere that seamlessly aligns with Lenovo's mission to encourage interaction and diverse work methodologies.

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Commitment to sustainability: minimising environmental impact

Sustainability is at the heart of Lenovo's global strategy, shaping their approach to everything from products to operations and office spaces. With a robust sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) strategy, Lenovo is dedicated to being a socially and environmentally responsible organisation in all facets of their work.

By selecting a construction partner who shares their ethos, Lenovo ensured that their office spaces not only reflected their brand but also served as exemplars of environmentally responsible design and construction. As a B Corp company, our commitment to sustainability aligns seamlessly with Lenovo's values. We firmly believe that promoting activities that conserve energy, labour, and materials is an essential responsibility. To uphold this commitment, we prioritised principles such as durability, reuse, remanufacturing, and recycling. These practices guarantee that products, components, and materials remain integral to the circular economy, reducing waste and environmental impact.

Our move represents an exciting next step for Lenovo as we further develop our UK operations. We wanted a location that would provide a smarter workplace for all and a space for creativity within our team. The fantastic work by Area in designing and delivering our space, gives us a sense of purpose and belonging.

Stephen Higgins
EMEA Director of Real Estate, Lenovo

Empowering sustainability through our partnership with Waste to Wonder

In partnership with Waste to Wonder, we have made a significant impact in repurposing waste equipment and furniture. Waste to Wonder specialises in the art of reclaiming and repurposing products, diverting them from landfills and yielding significant environmental and social benefits.

Waste to Wonder is on a mission to minimise the environmental impact of discarded products. Through innovative recycling and upcycling processes, they prevent an array of items from ending up in landfills, therefore significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with waste disposal. This aligns perfectly with our climate-conscious approach, reinforcing our dedication to responsible and eco-friendly design and construction practices.

Social impact: empowering communities through education

In our collaboration with Waste to Wonder, we extend our dedication to sustainable practices by joining forces with the inspiring "School in the Box" initiative. This initiative ensures that the positive effects of our work reach far beyond office spaces. Together, we made it our mission to provide unused desks and furniture to schools in need.

These items, valued at approximately £32,000, found a new purpose with United Action for Children in Cameroon. Beyond the material worth, this initiative resulted in a commendable carbon savings of 35 tonnes. This initiative not only diverted reusable furniture from potential waste, but also ensured that educational institutions have access to the furnishings they require to create a conducive learning environment at no cost.

This successful partnership exemplifies our dedication to diverting waste from landfills while simultaneously making a positive impact on communities. It, transcends the boundaries of our project's immediate scope, reflecting our shared belief that sustainability should enhance the lives of individuals and communities alike.

Tangible sustainability results

Our unwavering commitment to sustainability and ethical construction practices has yielded tangible and noteworthy results in our project for Lenovo's Farnborough new office.

Through our collaboration with Waste to Wonder, and our reuse initiatives, we diverted an impressive 35 tonnes of CO2e from waste streams, making significant strides in reducing carbon emissions and contributing substantially to waste reduction in landfills.

Repurposing materials from Lenovo’s Chineham office, we achieved substantial saving of 24.3 tonnes of CO2e, a testament to our dedication to responsible sourcing and the conservation of valuable resources. In line with our commitment to waste reduction and resource optimisation, we creatively reused furniture for the Area site setup, achieving a commendable saving of 4.3 tonnes of CO2e.

Accreditations highlighting our sustainable excellence

Located within a BREEAM Excellence certified building, Lenovo’s new office proudly boasts a SKA Gold Certification, underscoring our commitment to environmentally responsible fit out practices.

The SKA rating system encompasses more than a hundred best practice criteria, addressing a wide array of sustainability aspects, including energy, CO2 emissions, waste management, water usage, materials selection, pollution control, well-being considerations, and transportation strategies. Achieving a SKA Gold Certification for Lenovo's Farnborough office project is a clear demonstration of our resolute commitment to sustainable fit out methodologies. This SKA accreditation reflects our rigorous adherence to the highest standards of sustainable design and construction.

These accreditations showcase that Lenovo's Farnborough is not only a workspace of distinction but also a beacon of environmentally responsible practices.

We take immense pride in these achievements, as they mirror our values and reinforce our mission to pave the way for a sustainable and socially responsible future.

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