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Infosys provides digital technology services and consulting to clients across the globe. Its Dublin-based staff had been working out of serviced offices, but business growth led the company to move to a new workplace in Booterstown – a coastal town a few kilometres south of Dublin.

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Office Design, Construction


28,000 Sq ft


Dublin, Ireland

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The brief

Area was tasked with designing and building a new kind of space for Infosys, one that would support new ways of working with a less hierarchical structure and a livelier, more contemporary aesthetic. Infosys wanted the look and feel of the workspace to be modern and vibrant, with better facilities, plenty of opportunities for breaking out and socialising, and excellent provision for visiting clients.

The solution

The project, which had to be delivered within a particularly tight timescale, was an exciting one as we were helping an established client to implement new working strategies and a fresh new brand identity.

We worked with project manager CBRE to create a multi-purpose workspace across three floors. The top floor provides secure project and meeting space for Infosys’s clients and is largely unbranded and neutral. Both floors also include open-plan office areas, placed around the perimeter to make the most of the daylight streaming in through the large windows. We provided new staff showers in the basement and changing area.

The breakout, meeting and reception areas on the second floor provided an excellent opportunity to express Infosys’s dynamic new design style. Ripped out ceilings and exposed services create an energetic industrial feel, while bright colours, shiny surfaces, modern furnishings and quirky luminaires combine to produce a clean, playful, almost futuristic effect. The result is a superb template for the future workspaces.

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Project insight

Angelia Liard, Senior Designer at Area, commented, “The design had to embrace Infosys’s business strategy and reflect their new brand identity and evolving culture. The workspace is a move away from a corporate look and feel towards a more modern, clean image. It also implements a new way of working, encouraging users to treat the first and second floors as a drop-in, collaboration space.”

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