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With an upcoming lease expiry aligning with a renewed strategic vision, Vertex – a leading global biotech headquartered in the US – required a new workplace environment for their team in France focused on sustainability, innovation and wellbeing.

Split across three floors, their existing 5,000 sq ft site was not conducive for agile working and connectivity between departments. Moving to their new 10,000 sq ft site within the 17th arrondissement in Paris, our brief was to create an environment symbolising their brand values, fostering a sense of community and supporting wellbeing.

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Workplace Consultancy, Office Design, Construction


10,000 Sq ft


Paris, France

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The brief

Discovery is at the heart of Vertex’s DNA, who are engaged in the development of medicines for life threatening diseases through worldwide research programmes. This exploration philosophy is also translated into the design and delivery process of all their workplace transformation projects.

12 months prior to their move, we worked alongside 360 Workplace on a detailed multifaceted workplace strategy and employee engagement exercise including an occupancy study with sensor deployment. 360 Workplace also facilitated change management workshops that ran concurrently with the design process.

The solution

Following the successful completion of several workplace projects throughout Europe for Vertex, including the recent design and delivery of their international headquarters located in London, we were thrilled to partner on this next phase in their transformation journey.

Taking a holistic approach when designing Vertex’s ‘next generation’ workplace environment ensured the solution was grounded in understanding the ‘why’, seamlessly connecting form and function to maximise the relationship with their new space.

With a comprehensive understanding of space utilisation, environmental conditions and user behaviour from insights collected prior to their move, our design team developed an intelligence-led concept with wellbeing and sustainability at the core. Not only was ‘sustainability’ a key aspiration, it was an attitude that we wanted to express in every aspect of the design.

With a focus on their people and promoting employee experience, our design included an interconnecting staircase to enhance the first-floor welcome space and second-floor workspace. The lower floor includes a reception, multipurpose wellbeing room and boardroom, breakout space with juice bar, a library and townhall space and outdoor terrace. The ‘working floor’ above includes a variety of open-plan technology-enabled workspaces, offices and meeting rooms. Modular furniture solutions and an employee ‘sound-bite’ wall have created a domestic feel, with a muted colour scheme allowing spaces to be easily transformed to meet the needs of their people.

A culture of transparency is emphasised throughout the design, with client presentation and breakout spaces integrated within primary work areas

This project has delivered an environment that has transformed the way people work and provided an enriching experience for employees, celebrating inclusivity and diversity.

Lee Day
Project Director, Area
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Project insight

Throughout the duration of the project, the workplace was reviewed using the Ska environmental assessment method, measuring environmental factors associated with the fit-out and built environment, providing a performance-based rating. Working in collaboration with Vertex, Perial, Cushman & Wakefield and 360 Workplace, we were thrilled to have been awarded with a Gold Ska Certification, demonstrating the very best in sustainable design elements. This project also achieved a 3 Star Fitwel Accreditation – the first and only building in France to achieve a 3 Star Rating. These endorsements represent the commitment Vertex has made in supporting the health and wellbeing of their people and future workforce.

This new space brings opportunity for innovation by supporting future growth and attracting new talent. This developed workplace experience will help to strengthen the Vertex team through flexibility and collaboration.

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