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The Best Office Layouts For Productive Working

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Explore the best office layouts that are proven to enhance the workplace

When it comes to creating a productive and harmonious work environment, office layout plays a pivotal role. The best office layouts not only enhance collaboration and communication among employees but also boost productivity and overall job satisfaction. In this article, we will explore some of the best office layouts that have been proven to be effective in modern workplaces.

1. The Open Workspace

The best office layout for: A social team who loves to brainstorm

The open plan workspace layout has gained significant popularity in recent years, fostering a sense of transparency and collaboration among employees. This layout removes physical barriers such as cubicle walls and promotes a free-flowing environment that encourages interaction and teamwork. A 2018 survey by Leesman found that 70% of employees in open-plan offices reported feeling happy with their work environment compared to 58% in cubicles. This suggests open plans can contribute to a more positive and engaging workplace. However, it's crucial to strike a balance between open spaces and designated quiet areas to ensure that employees can concentrate without distractions.

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2. The Cubicle Setup Reimagined

The best office layout for: Teams who need to focus on individual tasks

Although the traditional cubicle layout was once considered uninspiring, modern adaptations have made it more appealing and practical. By incorporating ergonomic furniture, personalisation options, and ample storage, the cubicle setup can offer privacy while still encouraging communication. Cubicles can be useful for teams where focus and concentration are paramount. Additionally, the arrangement of cubicles in clusters can foster teamwork and create a sense of belonging within the team.

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3. The Agile Workspace

The best office layout for: A fast-paced, dynamic environment where multiple projects with differing needs must be juggled all at once

The agile office layout is designed to be flexible and adaptable to the ever-changing needs of a dynamic workforce. It often includes movable furniture and adjustable partitions, allowing employees to rearrange their workstations according to their preferences and project requirements. This layout empowers employees to customise their surroundings, leading to increased comfort and productivity and a sense of control over their working environment. Research by Savills found that 54% of employees prefer flexible working, however ⅓ of these did not think they had the right equipment to do so. This shows there is a need for more thoughtfully designed flexible workspaces to ensure employees are able to work productively both in office and at home.

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4. The Home-Like Office

The best office layout for: Creatives who love a relaxed, informal space to let their ideas flow

Blending the comfort of a home with the professionalism of an office, this layout aims to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere for employees. Soft lighting, comfortable seating, and natural elements like indoor plants contribute to a more relaxed environment that can reduce stress and improve employee well-being. In fact, employees in offices with access to natural light and greenery reported 30% higher perceived cognitive function and 26% increased perceived productivity.

Striking a balance between comfort and productivity is key to making this office layout successful.

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5. The Hybrid Approach

The best office layout for: A flexible team who can work productively both in-office and at home

As remote work becomes more prevalent, many companies are adopting a hybrid office layout. This design incorporates both traditional office spaces and remote work options, allowing employees to choose the setting that suits their needs best. One study found that while employees still prefer to have home-working as an option, they also require human-centric, flexibly designed office spaces that offer an environment where diverse professionals can network and collaborate. Businesses who provide both can cater to individual needs and preferences, and this will contribute to overall job satisfaction and loyalty.

Providing well-equipped office facilities and supporting remote collaboration through technology can optimise productivity and employee satisfaction.

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6. The Green Office

The best office layout for: Businesses who prioritise sustainability, the environment and employee wellbeing

Sustainability and eco-friendliness are gaining traction in office design. The green office layout focuses on incorporating energy-efficient technologies, sustainable materials, and ample natural light. It also encourages the use of shared spaces and communal areas to promote interactions among employees from different departments, fostering a sense of unity and shared responsibility for the environment. A recent Sketch article found that 93% of employees in sustainable and adaptable workspaces reported feeling happier, while 92% felt there was more job security in offices that prioritised environmental initiatives.

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Choosing the best office layout for your team

Choosing the best office layout depends on the specific needs and goals of your organisation. Each layout offers unique advantages, from fostering collaboration in open workspaces to enhancing employee wellbeing in home-like offices. Consider the nature of your work, the preferences of your team, and the overall company culture while deciding on the most suitable office layout. A well-designed office space can significantly impact productivity, creativity, and employee satisfaction, contributing to the overall success of your business.

Of course, when it comes to choosing the best office layout a multi-pronged approach may be best, and to ensure that you are able to discover the best office design to suit your business and your team's needs, enlisting the help of an expert might be a smart move.

At Area, our passion is to create an office space as unique as your business, and our approach to office design is infused with boundless possibilities. We embark on this initial stage by working to understand your business offering, how you and your team like to work, and strategising solutions to ensure that your workspace enables you all to carry out your roles as effectively and comfortably as possible.s. We actively encourage our clients to explore their business objectives, potential, and aspirations. By understanding these vital elements, our team of experts transforms ideas into concrete, actionable plans and can deliver the best office layout to enable your business and team to thrive.

Start the conversation with us today, and let us demonstrate how we can design the perfect workspace for you with our office design and fit out services.

Together, we'll bring your vision to life.

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