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The Cost Of Office Space In London - A 2024 Report

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The Cost of Office Space in London Infographic

As we move into 2024, the London office market paints a nuanced picture – one punctuated by resilience, evolving preferences, and a cautious optimism for the future.

Understanding the London office space landscape is crucial for businesses considering the capital as a base. The market teems with diverse offerings, from historic buildings to gleaming skyscrapers, presenting both opportunities and complexities for tenants and landlords. Recent data reveals a robust appetite for high-quality spaces, driven by evolving needs for collaboration, wellbeing, and sustainability. This surge positions London for continued growth and dynamic transformation, promising an exciting and thriving environment for future-focused businesses.

How much does London office space cost?

The current state of office space costs in London

Despite a slight rise to 8%, the Central London vacancy rate sits comfortably below pre-pandemic levels. Transactions reaching 2.7 million sq ft, 9% above the ten-year quarterly average, showcase continued demand for office space in the Big Smoke. Interestingly, this activity reflects a shift towards strategic utilisation, with companies finding their "sweet spot" regarding time spent in the office. The hybrid model continues to dominate, influencing space requirements and driving a search for high-quality environments that foster collaboration and wellbeing.

London investment activity - a steady trajectory

Investment activity, while moderate compared to pre-pandemic peaks, reveals encouraging signs of improvement. While falling slightly from the previous quarter, transactions reached £1.29 billion. Overall, the annual figure currently stands at £6.55 billion, showcasing a positive trajectory towards the historic trend of £15 billion.

Prime rents soar & limited supply continues to drive competition

The allure of premium space drives rental increases, particularly in the West End, where prime rents now sit at £155 per sq ft. This "flight to quality" is evident across London, with other submarkets like the City, Shoreditch, and Victoria following suit. The limited availability of Grade A space fuels this trend, providing landlords with major leverage in competitive negotiations.

Looking ahead: A need for cautious optimism

The Central London market is undoubtedly thriving, characterised by a strong commitment from tenants seeking above-average office space that comes with a whole host of additional features. The recent surge in take-up, some of the highest figures since 2019, underscores this enduring demand. However, companies remain keenly aware of the economic climate and its potential impact on office utilisation strategies.

Flexible spaces for hybrid workers

Redesigning and reshaping existing spaces to accommodate hybrid models proves a popular solution, particularly for those already occupying Grade A locations. This trend reflects the need for agile, adaptable environments that empower both collaboration and focused work. Additionally, the awareness of carbon footprints and new regulations incentivise landlords to upgrade their properties. These improvements can act as catalysts for renewed investment, fuelling an anticipated upswing in activity later in the year.

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London Office Rents - A Breakdown

Price breakdown by area for Grade A and Grade B London Office Space


Grade A Costs - per sq ft

Grade B Costs - per sq ft

Battersea & Nine Elms

£35 - £57.50

£20 - £30

Camden & Kentish Town

£45 - £50

£40 - £50

Canary Wharf

£50 - £55

£35 - £40


£45 - £55

£35 - £45


£75 - £82.50

£67.50 - £75

Clerkenwell & Farringdon

£80 - £92.50

£62.50 - £77.50

Covent Garden

£80 - £87.50

£57.50 - £75

Hackney & London Fields

£35 - £42.50

£25 - £32.50

Hammersmith & City

£50 - £60

£37.50 - £50

Holborn & Bloomsbury

£72.50 - £85

£65 - £72.50

Kings Cross & Euston

£77.50 - £85

£55 - £70


£82.50 - £87.50

£60 - £75

London Bridge & Southbank

£65 - £77.50

£55 - £60


£70 - £77.50

£50 - £67.50

North Oxford Street (East & West)

£80 - £92.50

£62.50 - £75


£75 - £87.50

£62.50 - £72.50

Shoreditch & Old Street

£70 - £77.50

£55 - £70


£85 - 97.50

£65 - £77.50

St. James’s & Mayfair

£115 - £140

£70 - £92.50


£45 - £55

£30 - £35


£80 - £90

£62.50 - £72.50

Whitechapel & Aldgate

£50 - £60

£35 - £45

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Additional factors affecting London office rents

Square footage of the space

While the size of an office space undeniably bears upon its rental cost in London, a plethora of other factors can challenge this simplistic equation. Flexible workspace solutions, encompassing co-working hubs, serviced offices, and bespoke layouts, cater to specific needs and have a big impact on rental prices that transcend the confines of traditional square footage calculations.

Prestige and history play their part

Beyond the predictable premium associated with prime locations, the "London effect" introduces many additional influences. Heritage buildings, steeped in history and exuding undeniable charm, may necessitate refurbishment costs. Modern high-rises, conversely, may entice with their cutting-edge sustainability features, promising long-term financial benefits. Proximity to key transport hubs, vibrant amenities, and verdant green spaces further contribute to the cost matrix, weaving a rich tapestry of value that extends far beyond the material boundaries of the office itself.

Negotiating is crucial

A discerning approach extends beyond the initial allure of a promising monthly rent. Service charges, encompassing building maintenance and common area upkeep, must be meticulously factored in, alongside potential expenditures for utilities, furniture, and equipment. These often-overlooked additions hold the key to accurately assessing the true financial landscape of a prospective office space.

Finally, remember that London's office market is a vibrant arena for negotiation. Landlords, particularly those seeking long-term lease agreements, can be flexible in crafting competitive deals. Honing your negotiation prowess and unleashing your inner dealmaker can unlock significant cost savings, ultimately securing the perfect space at the optimal price point.

Area - here to help you find your perfect London office

Navigating the intricacies of the London office market demands informed strategies and expert guidance. Area's comprehensive suite of services – from workplace consultancy and office design to office fit outs and reconfigurations – empowers you to unlock the full potential of your space. We collaborate with you to translate your unique needs and aspirations into functional, inspiring environments that support your business goals and future-proof your workplace.

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