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Clockhouse Court

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Step into the heart of St Albans and discover Clockhouse Court – a testament to innovation and modernity. Our team spearheaded the CAT A+ refurbishment of this landmark, crafting premium, fully fitted office suites that redefine workspace excellence.

Clockhouse Court boasts versatile communal areas meticulously crafted to cater to a spectrum of activities, from formal meetings to impromptu brainstorming sessions.

Our objective? Crafting a dynamic work environment seamlessly integrating communal breakout spaces, contemporary meeting rooms, and fully equipped kitchenettes – all tailored to meet the needs of today's workforce.

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Office Design, Office Construction, Landlord Refurbishment


6,100 sq ft


St Albans, UK

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Clockhouse Court: Redefining Workplace Excellence

Clockhouse Court represents the ideal space for today's discerning tenants - an environment that is fully equipped, sustainability-focused, and contemporary. With a strong emphasis on sustainability, the premises offer a plug-and-play environment equipped with modern conveniences. From communal breakout areas to well-appointed meeting rooms and fully fitted kitchenettes, every aspect is meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of a bustling workplace.

In addition to its sustainable features, Clockhouse Court provides seamless connectivity for today's digital demands. Ample parking provision adds convenience for occupants and visitors alike, enhancing accessibility to the vibrant workplace hub.

This holistic approach not only meets the demands of a modern workforce but also underlines Clockhouse Court's commitment to fostering a productive and environmentally conscious community. By providing a seamless blend of functionality, sustainability, and comfort, Clockhouse Court sets a new standard for contemporary office spaces in the Hertfordshire region, ensuring that tenants thrive in a dynamic and supportive work environment.

Our Approach to Sustainability

As a B Corp certified company committed to achieving Science-Based Targets (SBTi) to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions , we priortised environmental responsibility throughout the development of this project. This commitment aligns seamlessly with Northtree's ESG strategy, which focuses on minimising GHG emissions and collaborating with tenants to enhance property efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

At Clockhouse Court, Northtree utilises technology to track energy usage patterns. Tenants have access to this platform, empowering them with full visibility over energy consumption and fostering direct communication with Northtree's Sustainability team.

The design of Clockhouse Court incorporates circular principles, with integration of vintage and upcycled furniture. Surplus items were donated to local charities, further contributing to community engagement and sustainable practices.

Clockhouse Court boasts a notable EPC ‘B’ rating, attesting to its energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. This rating not only emphasises our commitment to eco-conscious practices but also presents tangible benefits such as reduced energy costs and a smaller carbon footprint for tenants.

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