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In the dynamic and ever-evolving insurance sector, Convex, a prominent player, found themselves at a pivotal turning point. With a proven record of success and expansion, the company had outgrown its original WeWork space and was ready to establish a permanent home that would embody their values and aspirations.

Since 2019, Convex has partnered with Area to embark on an inspiring workplace. Together, we have crafted a unique and captivating working environment that continuously adapts to Convex's evolving needs, culminating in the completion of their London, Bermuda and Luxembourg offices.

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Office Design, Construction


55,000 sq ft


London, UK

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Nurturing Growth and Attracting Talent

Convex's decision to expand their presence in London signified their commitment to strengthening their position in the heart of the global insurance market.

After thorough consideration, the prestigious Scalpel building was chosen as the perfect location for their new office. Its architectural excellence was only one facet of its allure; its strategic proximity to other insurance businesses also gave Convex a distinct advantage in attracting top talent from within the industry.

Partnering with The Instant Group, our mission was to design and deliver a working environment that truly reflects Convex’s core values and ambition to become a key player within the insurance and reinsurance market.

Designing a Visionary Convex

When we embarked on our collaboration with Convex in 2019, the company was still in the process of defining its logo and brand identity. This presented a unique opportunity for us to not only shape the office design but also contribute to their branding rollout, weaving their visual identity seamlessly with the physical space in an exciting creative journey. We started with floors 34, 33, and 32 before supporting their expansion onto floors 5 and 4.

The design concept aimed to create a truly exceptional user experience, catering not only to Convex's internal team but also to their valued clients and their diverse needs. The office space was meticulously crafted to incorporate a range of environments, providing Convex's brokers with areas for meetings, as well as flexible workstations for quick touch-down sessions.

Recognising the significance of seamless global communication, we incorporated dedicated video conferencing suites, enabling Convex to conduct virtual meetings effortlessly with their teams across their portfolio.

With sweeping 360-degree views of London from the top three floors, Convex’s new office provides an awe-inspiring outlook encompassing iconic landmarks such as the Big Ben, the London Eye, Tower Bridge and the bustling City of London.

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Embracing Nature and Sustainability

Throughout the design process, sustainability remained a paramount consideration. We were committed to selecting materials and furniture that aligned with Convex's eco-conscious values. Timber was extensively utilised, not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its sustainable qualities. The choice of sustainable furniture products from Orangebox further underlined Convex's dediction to environmental responsibility.

In addition, our design also emphasised the incorporation of biophilic elements, fostering a deep connection between humans and nature within the office environment. To promote a sense of wellbeing and harmony, we incorporated lots of planting throughout the space, bringing nature indoors and creating a refreshing ambiance for employees and visitors alike. The selection of plants that thrive across all Convex sites enable the design to be replicated, ensuring a cohesive and green workspace experience.

A Journey of Continuous Growth

From the very moment Convex moved into the Scalpel building, Area has been a steadfast partner, providing continuous support and developing the space to suit their evolving needs. Understanding that businesses evolve, we have made it our mission to ensure that Convex's workspace remains in sync with their changing requirements.

Together with Convex, we have undertaken a series of workspace reconfigurations, improvements, and updates, ensuring that the office remains a vibrant and responsive environment for their employees and clients alike. Our ability to adapt and innovate has been instrumental in accommodating their growing workforce, integrating new technologies, and addressing any operational challenges that may arise.

Over the years, we have worked hand in hand with Convex as trusted advisors in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their workspace. As Convex embarked on their expansion journey, adding two more floors to accommodate their growing workforce, we stood as an integral partner, playing a vital role in seamlessly integrating the new floors with the existing space.

This long-lasting collaboration has strengthened our relationship, allowing us to become an integral part of their journey to success. Together, we have crafted an extraordinary workplace that epitomizes Convex's vision, values, and aspirations, solidifying their position as a leading force in the insurance industry.

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