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Orega, a leading office space provider renowned for its innovative and flexible workspace solutions, was facing the challenge of adapting to the changing landscape of office space usage. This prompted them to explore new opportunities and strategies.

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Office Design, Construction


23,000 sq ft


London, UK

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Enhancing Orega's Office Portfolio for a Dynamic Future

Choosing prestigious, high-visibility locations became crucial for Orega to stand out in a competitive market. Over 18 months of collaboration, we delved into understanding Orega’s goals, challenges, and vision. Throughout this planning phase, we conducted visits to numerous buildings across the UK and various areas of London, carefully evaluating potential locations for their expansion.

The Brief for Mark Lane

The primary goal for the Mark Lane project was to create an inviting environment that would appeal to both guests and potential tenants, making it a desirable and attractive space for all.

Covering two floors and spanning over 23,000 sq ft, the project aimed to develop office suites of varying sizes to cater to the diverse clientele within the area. Space optimisation was a key focus, involving the creative reconfiguration of the floorplan to maximise space efficiency while minimising unnecessary circulation areas.

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Prime Location

Strategically situated just seconds away from Fenchurch Street Station, Orega’s Mark Lane office provides a distinct advantage, ensuring effortless access for commuters and presenting a valuable convenience factor for potential clients. Enhancing the appeal are the breathtaking views of the station, made possible by expansive glass windows. This design choice not only fosters a dynamic and vibrant work environment but also reinforces Orega's commitment to delivering exceptional workspace experiences. The spectacular views contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal and positive atmosphere within the Mark Lane workspace.

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From Concept to Creation

The design of the Mark Lane project reflects a proactive response to the changes in office usage post-pandemic. It incorporates features such as flexible workspaces, an upgraded technology infrastructure, and enhanced health and safety measures. This thoughtful approach aligns with the evolving needs of businesses and professionals, ensuring that the workspace is not only visually stunning but also adaptable and conducive to the wellbeing of its occupants.

To cultivate a collaborative environment, the brief called for the creation of large destination, breakout, and collaboration spaces at the centre of each floor. The breakout space in the Mark Lane workspace was strategically positioned near the perimeter windows, serving as a focal point offering an aspirational view from the square outside Fenchurch Street Station.

Luxurious Look and Feel

Moving away from adhering strictly to a specific design style, Orega opted for an approach that celebrates diversity across its multiple locations to ensure that each Orega workspace possesses a unique identity, thoughtfully tailored to complement its specific surroundings. For the Mark Lane project, inspiration was drawn from the building itself and the local area, establishing a visual link with its colours.

The gold detailing, originally found in the lift lobby, has been replicated in sprayed ceiling tiles and feature ceiling rafts within the Mark Lane workspace. The use of gold metals serves as a unifying element, connecting different communal spaces and strengthening the overall coherence of the design theme. This sense of luxury is accentuated by the integration of brass tops throughout the space, introducing a lavish and high-end touch, as well as the addition of a coordinated gold tap and gold iPads in the kitchen. Together, these elements contribute to an ambiance that exudes the desired level of sophistication, especially catering to the clientele working in the area, primarily consisting of legal professionals.

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