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The pandemic left the iconic building at 30 Eastcheap with three vacant floors, previously occupied by a single company. With this prime space empty, we seized the opportunity to transform it and attract new tenants in a rapidly changing market.

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Office Construction, Landlord Refurbishment


15,000 sq ft


London, UK

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Transforming 30 Eastcheap

Our mission was to refurbish the space to a CAT A+ specification, making it immediately ready for occupancy. The focus was on creating a versatile environment that could be easily customised to suit the diverse preferences and needs of different organisations.

This CAT A+ refurbishment involved a comprehensive overhaul, providing essential amenities and infrastructure while maintaining a neutral aesthetic for tenant customisation. The offices at 30 Eastcheap now offer all the essentials for tenants to move in seamlessly, including workspaces, meeting rooms, a lounge area, a reception, kitchen facilities, and phone booths. Situated in the heart of London, the building enjoys a prime location with convenient access to transportation links and a range of nearby amenities.

Navigating Challenges

30 Eastcheap’s location near key financial and commercial hubs provides tenants with a prestigious address and the convenience of being close to numerous dining, retail, and entertainment options, enhancing the overall appeal of the workspace.

The primary challenge was to modernise the vacant floors without disrupting the building’s iconic character. We utilised innovative design strategies to maximise space efficiency and functionality. Advanced HVAC systems and energy-efficient lighting were installed to meet sustainability standards and reduce operational costs. Additionally, flexible partitioning systems were used to create adaptable spaces that can evolve with tenant needs.

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From Vision to Reality

The CAT A+ refurbishment has successfully transformed the vacant building into a ready-to-use office space, prepared for immediate occupancy by tenants. Its neutral design provides a blank canvas for customisation, allowing organisations to tailor the space to their brand identity and operational requirements.

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This project exemplifies the adaptive reuse of commercial real estate in response to changing market dynamics. By prioritising flexibility, functionality, and aesthetics, the refurbished space at 30 Eastcheap offers a compelling solution for companies seeking modern, adaptable office environments in the heart of London.

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