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Create the perfect workspace canvas with a Cat A office fit out

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Ready for market

We understand the difficulties and complexities involved in owning commercial office space, and want to make your job as easy as it can be. We will work together to provide a full Cat A office fit out, ensuring that the space is prepared for a tenant to view and start designing their perfect workspace.

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Get the most out of your space with a Cat A fit out

Not all Cat A fit outs are the same, and that’s why we work in partnership with our landlords to ensure that the space is prepared uniquely to your requirements. Creating a space that a tenant can cast their creative eye over allows for a smoother sale / lease process for all parties.

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Achieve a higher ROI

Using our specialist knowledge and insights into the tenant market, we will carry out a Cat A fit out to the highest of standards, resulting in a higher return on your investment when you lease or sell your property. Allow our industry experts to transform your space with a Cat A fit out that is meticulously planned and flawlessly executed.

Cat A Fit Out FAQs

What is a Cat A fit out?

The main objective from a Cat A fit-out is to prepare a building so that it's ready for an end-user client (who’s generally the tenant). The tenant can then go in and work with their own design and fit-out partner to create a bespoke workplace solution.

Why should I choose a Cat A fit out?

Cat A fit outs are the perfect choice when you’re looking to put your property on the market. A Cat A fit out will prepare the building so a tenant can move in and begin designing a workspace to suit their needs.

What does a Cat A fit out include?

A standard Cat A fit-out can include:

  • Standard finishes to the floors, walls and ceilings

  • Basic mechanical and electrical services

  • Fire detection services and smoke alarms

  • Air-conditioning and ventilation (HVAC)

  • Fundamental internal finishes

  • Lifts, toilets and shower facilities

  • The lobby and reception area

Who are Cat A fit outs suitable for?

Cat A fit-outs are usually carried out for a landlord, institutional investor or developer.

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