Traditional Procurement and Fit Out Process

Hero Banenr

Effortless procurement, construction, and delivery service through the traditional fit out routes to market.

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Our clients know we’re the best

We work with industry-leading specialists, consultants, and teams to deliver projects via a traditional procurement method. It's all part of our ethos — building strong, loyal relationships with everyone we work with. Together with consistent delivery to a high standard, this is what leads to our unprecedented levels of return business.

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Smooth collaboration

We adapt and collaborate to get your project done, no matter who you want to bring into the equation. If you have a specific architect in mind or a long-standing designer who needs to be included, we want to get to know them. One of our highly skilled project managers will act as a central point of contact, ensuring everyone is coordinated to perfect efficiency throughout the traditional procurement & fit out process.

Traditional Procurement FAQs

What is the typical duration of a traditional office procurement project?

The timeline varies based on the project's scope and complexity. On average, it may take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

What is the difference between design & build and the traditional procurement fit out process?

The key difference lies in the project's approach and management. In the traditional fit-out process, you usually work with separate entities: a designer or architect for the design phase and various contractors for construction. With design and build, a single company handles both the design and construction phases. This streamlined approach often results in better communication, efficiency, and cost control.

What companies would the traditional procurement process work best for?

The traditional fit-out process tends to work well for companies who already have contacts for specific consultants, such as project managers, architects, designers etc.

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