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Workplace Change Management Consultancy

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Turn unforeseen changes into opportunities with our workplace change management consultancy.

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Supporting your journey of transformation

If there's one thing the pandemic taught us about the workplace environment, we need to be ready for change and be agile in our approach. Remote and hybrid working models have altered the working world for good. Make sure your business is prepared for the changes of the future with a sustainable workplace change management strategy.

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Adapting and evolving

Through workplace change management consultancy and our highly tailored virtual change management workshops, we work as a team to understand your unique challenges. Throughout our years in the industry, we've developed unique solutions and an unparalleled service offering.

Our team provides

Together, we can discover ways to future-proof your workspace, giving you and your team a foundation on which to optimise productivity, no matter what comes your way.


Virtual Workshops

Through our virtual workplace change management workshops, we offer uniquely tailored guidance and proactive dialogue about implementing change in your workspace. We work through key frameworks and communication tools to help you and your team create a foundation for reactive change.



We get a deep understanding of your business’s day-to-day operations. Here, we dive into all your internal processes to provide you with a completely bespoke and dedicated workplace change management strategy.



Your input is one of the most critical aspects of managing change. We actively work with you to understand your challenges and keep in close contact throughout your project to ensure what has been implemented works for you.



All of our solutions are designed to last. A successful project is flexible and naturally adapts to new situations. With every project, we set our clients up for the long-term future, but we’re always here if they need help adjusting to unforeseen changes.

Change Management FAQs

How does change management support workplace transformation?

Through our workplace change management, we can identify and mitigate any potential threats or barriers to implementing change. Change management allows us to inform, educate, and prepare each individual involved, protecting their wellbeing and providing a seamless transition into their new environment.

Thanks to change management, positive experiences associated with a workplace change can lead to increased confidence, productivity, and loyalty in your workforce.

How can change management events in the workplace drive employee engagement?

We can build excitement and anticipation through events leading up to your new way of working. Workshops, virtual tours, and social functions serve to introduce employees in a way that demonstrates their value to the company.

Through this encouragement to feel included and valued, employees are more likely to accept changes confidently and positively, driving engagement on the road ahead.

How are other companies using change management strategies to improve their workplace culture?

In the post-COVID world, many businesses have had to navigate changes they were unprepared for. Adapting to hybrid ways of working, including increased use of tech or new processes and increased connectivity through remote working, all force users to face intimidating change.

Instructing a workplace expert like Area is the best way to mitigate the stress and potential chaos of adapting to change.

How could my workplace benefit from change management consultancy?

There are many ways businesses can benefit, including

  • Communicating the benefits and rationale of change to the company and even customer or client base to reassure concerns and promote improvement.
  • Encouraging staff involvement and engagement with company progress and development.
  • Coaching staff for improved productivity following change.
  • Supporting staff wellbeing and confidence following change.
  • Making positive associations with change for the future.

How can we maintain the changes we implement in our workplace?

The final ‘Sustain’ stage of our change management process ensures changes don’t fall short or revert to previous undesirable ways of working. We start this process by observing operations immediately following the change implementation for signs of any potential challenges.

We can also conduct a post-occupancy survey to review and touch base on how well changes are being adopted.

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